Dr Narasaraju Mantena



I have great pleasure in announcing that KVR, KVR and MKR College, Khajipalem, an Institution established and run in legacy of our forefathers has been growing by leaps and bounds year after year in turning their vision and objectives into reality crossing many a milestone, setting new goals and taking up new initiatives. Despite being geographically situated in a remote place surrounded by a number of villages, this institution has been playing a major role in creation of a standardized educational system that has become a basic necessity to give a thrust to the social and community development in this area.

To fall in line with the much-avowed “Global Village” concept to keep the students and the people abreast with the latest developments in the world around, the college is in the process of developing a website of its own to reach out to the people of our community. In the meantime we have taken up various initiatives for better awareness and development of the students and the community as a whole which you would know more about once we streamline this website. Following is a short list of such initiatives that are achieved or in the process of being achieved.

  1. A Girl’s Hostel and a Boy’s Hostel with all amenities are built with available internal resources.
  2. Free English coaching classes for community students, especially girls, are taking place effectively.
  3. Planning for job-oriented computer courses during summer holidays for the youth.
  4. Planning to impart training in “computer basics” as part of community adult education initiative.
  5. Procuring a bus for transportation of students from surrounding villages.

Besides the developments that have already taken place, we have promising plans for the overall growth and development of the college. As the resources at our disposal are limited to address the immediate needs of the following nature, we are looking for like-minded people in the community to come forward and extend their helping hand in creating these facilities:

Upgradation of the present 58 terminal computer lab by adding more terminals to cater to 350-400 students. It was thought that laptops would be a better and viable alternative to desktops as the battery backup would help the students do their work at times of power failure.
To build an exclusive computer lab to accommodate all the computer systems in one place.
To build a 5 kW solar power generation system to address the electricity issue and also to overcome the dependence on diesel generator which is a financial burden.

I strongly believe that the younger generation can take the baton with their whole-hearted participation and pass it on to the next generation to keep the Institutions like KVR, KVR & MKR College go on forever. Complete eradication of poverty is a long way to go but we all joining our hands together, can create a moderately better Society by imbibing a value-based education. This is one such effort and therefore, keeping this in mind I invite your contributions. You can donate a laptop on behalf of your family / loved ones or extend your help in cash or kind to take up and complete the infrastructural facilities to fulfill the goals envisioned by our elders.

A detailed Project Plan envisaged to achieve the above is placed here under. I am advising our volunteers to personally meet and receive your generous contribution. I like to thank everyone that have stood behind us all these days and those coming forward to stand by us for the future development of the Institution, the students and the community.

With hearty best wishes to one and all,
Dr Narasaraju Mantena


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