• The principal has total right to look after the discipline of the students
  • The principal often forms rules regarding the conduct of the students
  • The principal has the power to punish or remove the name temporarily or send out the students permanently from the college who will not maintain discipline.
  • Parents are informed about students who bunk class, or who are poor in studies. Even when there is no change in their behaviour or improvement in the students, action is taken against them.
  • Participating in strikes will be severely considered. Their scholarships or half – fees reduction will be stopped temporarily or permanently.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against the students who participate in strikes and they should vacate the hostel within 12 hours.
  • Students should submit any kind memorandums or complaints or petitions only with the consent of the principal.



  • Students should attend the college neatly
  • They should keep the classes clean and tidy
  • No meetings or entertainment programs should be arranged without the prior permission of the principal and no donations should be collected.
  • Students should not bring bad reputation to the college inside or outside its premises with their conduct.
  • Students who go for malpractice will be fined and sent out of the examinations hall.
  • Those who encourage violence directly or indirectly will be punished.



  • Every students should have minimum 75 % attendance.
  • If a student is not present in a single period in the morning or evening session, it will be treated that he / she is absent in the whole session.
  • A student can take leave from his /her class teacher for three days. If the leave exceeds more then three days, the student should seek permission from the principal.
  • Students who can not attend tutorial tests should submit their leave application to the principal. They will be fined 15 /- Rs per each examination or they should submit medical certificate not below the rank of an M.B.B.S doctor.
  • All the students appearing the university examinations should have attended the tutorial and terminal tests and qualified in them.



  • Every students should be present in his / her class room five minutes before the commencement of classes.
  • Before the class work starts, the meditation bell rings everyday at 10.13 A.M. All the students and staff should stand up and meditate for the two minutes.
  • All the students should stand up in respect of him as the lecturer, as he/she enters the class After the lecturer sits in the chair, students should sit down.
  • No students should leave the class without the prior permission of the lecturer.
  • After the lecturer taking attendance, no students will be allowed into the class room.
  • Students who fail to maintain discipline will be sent out of the class room.



  • Knowing the difficulties and problems that students face regarding educational matters, we have appointed one of the lecturers as their class teacher in every class. He will take care of for every class who will take care of every student and give suggestions and advice to improve their performance level in studies.
  • In this process the principal entrusts the responsibility 30 students to each class teacher. He /she will exams results , attendance and give suggestions to the slow learners. If they feel it necessary, they will interact with students regarding their performance or inform their parents.



  • Every girl studying in the college is eligible to get admitted into the hostel.
  • Those who want admission into the hostel should pay Rs. 500 /- towards caution deposit.
  • Each student should pay 150 /- towards establishment charges every month.
  • The mess bill and other monthly, expenditure will be calculated and charged on the students equally.
  • Study hours are conducted regularly.

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